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AquaClear Powerhead 70

AquaClear Powerhead 70


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AquaClear Powerhead 70 is a multifunctional pump that delivers outstanding performance for various aquarium applications. It efficiently drives undergravel filters, as well as circulates and aerates aquarium water.

It can also be connected to protein skimmers, which are essential devices for most marine aquariums. Freshwater aquariums also benefit from additional currents in many applications.

Using a Powerhead 70 in combination with an AquaClear Quick Filter provides added safe mechanical filtration for cleaner water conditions and protects baby fish. PowerHead 70 includes a unique reverse flow feature that forces water down the undergravel riser stem and beneath the gravel. This helps promote bacterial growth from the bottom up. Injection of oxygen-rich water beneath the undergravel bed supports superior conditions for beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

Powerhead 70 includes the following design, safety and utility innovations: a compact, energy-efficient, and completely submersible motor, insulated in epoxy resin to protect against harsh fresh and salt water environments; a venturi aeration feature which increases surface agitation and gas exchange; a convenient rim attachment bracket that fits easily on most standard aquarium rims; and flow control.

Flow rate: up to 1514 LPH (400 U.S. gal.)

Recommended aquarium capacity: 284 litres (75 U.S. gal).

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