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Aquatop BREZA Aria 1 inch Sand Airstone

Aquatop BREZA Aria 1 inch Sand Airstone


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The Aquatop BREZA Sand Airstones are uniquely shaped and boast an incredibly porous surface, which allows for consistent even air distribution. This even air flow creates a beautifully consistent column of bubbles.

Aquatop BREZA Sand Airstones provide the oxygen your aquarium fish and plants need for a healthy life. Made from pressed sand, the BREZA airstones allow for uniquely even air distribution in the tank, with a notched shape to increase bubble-producing surface area for maximum aeration.


• Pressed sand composition allows for even air distribution

• Unique shape & incredibly porous surface area

• Provides oxygen for the health of aquarium fish & plants

• For Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums

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