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Aquatop Forza Floating Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Aquatop Forza Floating Magnetic Glass Cleaner

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Comes in different sizes to make cleaning convenient for all of tank sizes!

  • Mini - For glass aquariums up to 1/4" thick
  • Small - For glass aquariums up to 5/16" thick
  • Medium - For glass aquariums up to 3/8" thick


  • Simple design made from durable, wear-resistant materials.
  • Comes with 2 non-slip, easy-to-use pads.
  • The internal and external brushes are designed with efficient cleaning materials that easily scrape algae and other stains without damaging glass.
  • The internal half features a convenient floating design to prevent accidental sinking into the aquarium.

  1. This product produces a strong magnetic field. People with a heart pacemaker should not operate. Magnetic interference from this product can cause injury.
  2. Children should not use this product to avoid injury from pinched/crushed fingers.
  3. Keep this product away from iron products, monitors, TVs, watches, mobile phones, laptop devices, tablets, credit cards and other similar products to avoid damage.
  4. This product is sealed. Do not attempt to disassemble or cut, or it will not function as designed.
  5. Read all instructions before using.
  6. After use, rinse completely in freshwater, wipe away any debris and dry it before storage.
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