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Hector's Everything Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

Hector's Everything Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

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We all know it when we see it…lush, healthy plants of all kinds, in and out of the water, stable water for our fish, a decluttered cabinet without the unnecessary jars, bottles, and spreadsheets. In this jar is everything you need to keep plants healthy and vibrant, whether you’re using high light and CO₂, or just the light that came with your tank.

∙ Everything plants want and need — macro, micro, cal, mag, iron…everything!
∙ Plays critical role in maximizing CO₂ uptake of plants
∙ Dosing can be adjusted for low or high nutrient demands
∙ Seamless integration, simply add to your tank after a water change
∙ Dechlorinates tap water…yeyup, that’s right
∙ Reduces algae growth over time
∙ Stabilizes pH

∙ Less clutter and mess than big sets of liquid fertilizers
∙ Dosing instructions on the jar (dependant on jar size)

Through years of consulting and serving countless aquariums and clients, I have developed an easy fertilizer that meets the needs of plants, fish and their caretakers.

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