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UNS 45S - 5 Gallon Ultra Clear Rimless Aquarium

UNS 45S - 5 Gallon Ultra Clear Rimless Aquarium

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UNS rimless aquariums are carefully crafted with 91% clarity Diamant glass, a highly transparent extra clear glass with very little residual green color. The low iron content in the glass provides uninterrupted crystal clear visibility. The 45° mitered edges are bonded together using high performance German silicone specifically designed for aquarium construction.

UNS aquariums keeps the golden ratio in mind and provides a refreshing range of unique sizes that differ from conventional sizes that have potential to restrict the creative process involved in aquascaping. Additional space makes it easier to achieve that sense of perspective and truly show depth in an aquascape. Each aquarium also comes with a complimentary black leveling mat for added support and stability following setup.

Length: 17.71"
Width: 11.02"
Height: 7.09"
Glass thickness: 5mm
Volume: 5G

45° Mitered Edges
91% Clarity with Diamant Glass
High Quality German Silicon
Laser Etched Logo

Ultra-Clear Low Iron

Black Leveling Mat
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